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IS-2 Tonkovy Battalion + Bonus

Item num.: SBX08
 46,00 € 
43,70 € *
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  • Description

  • The IS-2 heavy tank is a terror on the battlefield. It has front armour of
    10, side of 8 and top armour of 2. Its gun will liquidate enemy armour with
    Anti-tank 15 and Firepower 2+. It is a slow tank, but this helps them coordinate
    with infantry better. Once in the assault, the IS-2 will dominate enemy infantry
    with its heavy top armour and its rear-firing machine-gun, which makes enemy
    infantry re-roll successful hits in assaults.  

    You can also load the tank up with Tankodesantniki to help protect your tank from errant anti-tank rounds and maurading infantry.

    The IS-2 will help any Soviet player crack German defences wide open!

    BONUS you get one Set from Heer46 "Bergepanzer Zubehör T-34" with this Box.

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