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Udarny Strelkovy Batalon

Item num.: SBX02
52,00 € *
Delivery time: instant delivery
  • Description
  • Included:
    • 5x Command teams
    • 4x Komissar teams
    • 16x Rifle/MG
    • 8x SMG teams
    • 4x Anti-tank rifle teams
    • 3x Sniper teams 

    While other armies field companies, the Red Army fields entire battalions in Flames of War!

    The Udarny Strelkovy Batalon will do well if you support them with the Red Army’s new heavy equipment
    such as assault guns and heavy tanks. Having a couple of reliable Maksim heavy machine-guns and the encouragement of a Komissar also helps to get the job done!

    Some of the special rule utilised by the men of the Udarny Strelkovy Batalon (in addition to the Soviet rules found on page 180-182 of the rulebook) are