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Bild 1 von German War Colors 1937-1944

German War Colors 1937-1944

Artikel-Nr.: Ak560

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    The German army used several ordinances for camoufl age on their
    vehicles during WWII. This set includes the most important colors in
    use from 1937 to 1944, and includes 6 colors designed to represent
    the initial Dunkelbraun and Dunkelgrey camo, the middle war version
    of Dunkelgelb and a green color used by Waffen SS and Polizei
    units on light and second line vehicles. Finally, the set also includes
    two different versions of Olivegrun, allowing the modeler represent
    the different paint conditions and faded effects for this color. For the
    first time we will be able to paint German tanks without complex
    mixes and hours of research. These paints have been designed in
    consideration of the Scale Reduction Effect (subtle lighter than actual
    color), to obtain the correct colors in our kits. These paints are
    designed to be effective for airbrush and brush and are water-soluble,
    avoiding strong smells and harmful solvents.
    This set contains:
    -AK704 RAL 7021 Dunkelgrau.
    -AK752 RAL 6003 Olivegrün opt.1.
    -AK753 RAL 7028 Dunkelgelb (Initial).
    -AK754 RAL 7017 Dunkelbraun.
    -AK755 RAL 6003 Olivgrün opt.2.
    -AK756 Polizei/ Waffen SS grün.

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